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Board & CEO Communication Tools

Discovering the Language of Collaboration and Crucial Conversations

Unsatisfactory working relationships are frequently the chief cause of discord both in and outside the boardroom. Poor or limited board and CEO communications are often the underlying causes of poor working relationships – leading to a partial or total disconnect between board members and the CEO.

Communicating effectively is a challenging task – and critical to success for board members and the CEO. Let us help you strengthen your communication, partnership, and working relationships. Learn to 1) listen and talk to each other; 2) work together in a collaborative manner; 3) resolve conflict for optimum performance; and (4) separate fact from emotion when engaging in crucial conversations.

Why engage the Institute to assist in strengthening communications among and between board members and the CEO?

  • Trust and buy-in for board member and CEO cohesiveness and effectiveness is enhanced
  • Directors and the CEO strengthen interpersonal communication, work together more harmoniously, and become more proactive in creating solutions to problems
  • Boards and CEOs become more effective in leading and inspiring their companies and each other to perform to their highest potential
  • Board members and the CEO are able to discuss "The Elephant in the Room" in a non-confrontational manner

Institute faculty show you how to successfully listen, receive, process, and send information. Individual communication and decision-making styles are identified and techniques for communicating effectively with these styles are presented. These techniques can be effectively used in communicating with each other, shareholders, staff, family, friends, and associates.

To discuss how we can help your board deal with those "elephants in the room" relational problems that everyone wishes would just go away (before they disconnect your board indefinitely), please contact us ►►►