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Board & CEO Workshops And Retreats

Learn how to step back, get a wider perspective, and then go after the prize more productively — discover better ways to get your board functioning together, supporting each other, and being clear about their individual and collective responsibilities.

When You Need to Improve Your Vision

ANC Boards and CEOs often hold workshops and retreats in addition to board meetings. Dr. Meier and Institute faculty facilitate these types of meetings and getaways. Examples of workshops and retreats we facilitate are:

  • Restructuring/Realignment of Governance and Oversight Practices
  • Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements and Reports
  • Financial Planning & Monitoring Company Financial Performance
  • Ethics, Confidentiality, and Standards of Conduct in the Boardroom
  • Director Legal Responsibilities
  • Evaluating Board Performance
  • Evaluating CEO Performance
  • Incentive Compensation Plan Design and Performance Criteria
  • Acquisition and Capital Expenditure Evaluations and Plans
  • Resolving Conflict and Disconnects in the Boardroom
  • Board Committee Charter Development
  • Annual Meeting Planning and Coordination
  • Board Policy Manual Development
  • Criteria for Board and CEO Decision Making Responsibilities and Boundaries
  • Conducting Effective Board and Shareholder Meetings
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Shareholder Development

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