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Board Advisory Services

The wise director always learns from those who have gone before him—unwilling that his corporation and his people should suffer from pitfalls and challenges that others have already overcome.

Protecting and safeguarding the assets of your company is a primary responsibility of the board of directors. Today’s business environment requires directors to exercise fiduciary and governance responsibilities with increased precision. Gaining insight into Board Best Practices will help ANC directors rest easier at night and bypass potential governance and oversight missteps.

Need a second opinion?

Call upon a cadre of seasoned professionals who are experts in their fields with years of front-line experience, deep insight, knowledge, and expertise in ANC board leadership and governance practices. Institute faculty members provide business advisory and consulting services to ANC Boards and CEOs who need an “independent second opinion”, without adding a permanent layer of management overhead to their organizational structure.

How We Help

  • Provide guidance on board governance best practices (e.g. risk oversight, policies, procedures)
  • Strengthen the board and CEO partnership
  • Enhance boardroom and CEO communications
  • Provide tools to sharpen director skills and effectiveness
  • Create Committee Charters
  • Topic/issue specific in-boardroom customized training
  • Offsite workshop and retreat facilitation
  • Strategic planning session facilitation
  • Conflict resolution facilitation
  • Board and management succession planning
  • Coaching/mentoring tools and programs
  • CEO performance and Board self-evaluation processes
  • Senior management compensation plans
  • Realignment and re-structure planning and implementation
  • Top management searches

Our clients expect us to provide straight talk – not fluff. They are committed to execution – putting their ideas into motion.

To discuss how we can help your board implement Board Best Practices, please contact us ►►►