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In-Boardroom Training Programs

Learn to meet the challenges of building your company while you grow together as a board

If you like learning to work and solve problems in private in your own boardroom, with your own resources, we will facilitate in-boardroom training and problem-solving sessions with your own group of directors.

Designed and Conducted Exclusively for Individual Boards in their Own Boardrooms

The Board and CEO Partnership – Understanding Roles, Leadership, and Governance Responsibilities – [Two-Days] To preview the curriculum, please click here ►►►

This customized in-boardroom training program is presented by Dr. Meier and Institute faculty exclusively for individual boards and is tailored to meet a board’s specific training needs. Board members and the CEO are interviewed as part of designing the in-boardroom training curriculum. The overarching goal of the program is to fortify the board and the CEO’s effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Understanding their respective roles and relationship as a partnership
  • Strengthening board member governance skill sets
  • Improving communications and trust among board members and between the board and the CEO

Because the program is designed and conducted exclusively for an individual board and the CEO, participants have the opportunity to openly discuss (in a confidential, no-holds-barred forum) leadership issues and governance requirements unique to their company.

This venue for conversation promotes an unencumbered forum for exchanging perspectives and ideas within the confidentiality of your own boardroom.

Effective Listening and Communications [One-half Day]

Board members and the CEO learn to successfully listen, receive, process, and send information. Individual communication and decision-making styles are identified and techniques for communicating effectively with these styles are presented. These techniques can be used to improve communication with each other, shareholders, staff, family, friends, and associates. This is a standalone workshop.

What Type of Leader Do You Want to Be? [One-half Day]

This highly interactive program explores several leadership styles giving specific attention to the Level V and D’Artagnan Way of Leadership. Facilitated discussion applies the Seven Principles to Inspire Leadership espoused in Dr. Meier’s book, The D’Artagnan Way, a tale of Purpose, Passion, and Team Commitment. Boards and CEOs find this highly energizing and motivational program offers takeaways and tools to strengthen personal leadership styles and effectiveness both in and outside the boardroom.

To discuss scheduling an in-boardroom training program, please contact us ►►►