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"The Perfect Board/CEO Partnership" RES 2010 Presentation in Las Vegas Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 - 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM

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Dr. Harvey A. Meier, executive director of the Institute for ANC Director Education® that exclusively serves the training and education needs of Alaska Native Corporation boards and individual directors, will be presenting a session on Native Board and CEO Leadership Tools at the Reservation Economic Summit in Las Vegas on February 23.

Dr. Meier, a noted management consultant, and prominent attorney Walter T. Featherly, managing partner of the Anchorage Office of Patton Boggs LLP, will be specifically addressing the needs of the growing number of businesses owned and managed by Native Americans, Alaska and Lower 48 Tribes, and Alaska Native Corporations.

Many of these businesses are managed by a CEO or president who report to a Tribal Council, ANC board of directors or management committee, all of which have unique restrictions and demands.

In the session titled "The Perfect Board/CEO Partnership: How Do We Get One?" Dr. Meier and Featherly will discuss some of the typical problems that Native Boards and CEOs face. These range from fiduciary responsibilities to communicating with shareholders and boardroom ethics. The presenters will also offer proven suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the Board/CEO partnership through strategic planning, facilitating effective board meetings and establishing decision-making boundaries. “While the perfect board/CEO partnership may not exist, this session will provide Tribal Council and Board members, CEOs and those who appoint or oversee CEOs with the tools to get as close as possible,” says Dr. Meier.

Over the years, Dr. Meier’s Institute for ANC Director Education® has provided board and CEO workshops and retreats, in-boardroom training programs,board best practices advisory services, and an annual ANC director training course. More information is at

Since 1971, Dr. Meier has also served as a strategic business adviser to CEOs, boards, owners, and senior executives of closely held corporations from startups to billion dollar companies in a wide range of industries.

Dr. Harvey Meier is available for interviews by calling (509) 458-3210.

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