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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Putting Your Dreams to Work

ANC Boards and CEOs commonly utilize independent business advisors and professionals to facilitate their strategic planning sessions. Institute faculty members are experienced strategic planning facilitators whose process includes:

  • Creation of the Strategic Planning session agenda and content preparations
  • Coordination of potential staff and third party presentations
  • Facilitation of the session
  • Preparation and presentation of a planning session summary report

Institute planning sessions and their agendas are customized to fit an ANC’s unique planning requirements subject to input from the board, CEO, and other designated stakeholders and individuals (e.g. shareholders, legal counsel, accountants, and banker).

Institute faculty members stress objectivity throughout the planning process and discussions. They contribute a high level of energy and enthusiasm as a means of keeping participants focused and on task. They ask the questions that must be asked and point out deficiencies when they may arise. Most of all, they add the discipline and structure necessary to keep participants focused and on task during the session. This helps assure creation of a well-thought-out and workable strategic plan in accordance with the session’s discussions and participants’ expectations.

The Institute’s planning process often includes use of a powerful and unique business planning and performance system that links planning, strategy, accountability, and results and performance-based, strategic-plan metrics. Boards and CEOs that utilize this planning system have been able to reduce their annual planning cycle by 50-75%. They also have experienced a significant improvement in the alignment, quality, and execution of their business plans with a true measure of accountability and results.

To discuss how we can help your board plan for the future by building a “living, breathing” strategic plan that won’t sit on the shelf until the next planning session, please contact us ►►►