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When You Are Called To Govern

The Hunt to Survive and Govern

In the boardroom your shareholders depend on you for selfless leadership, earnest communications, and a passion to govern without sacrificing their core values and identity. You can live up to these awesome expectations by:

  • Using Your Traditional Strengths
  • Embracing a Vision Greater than Personal Ambition
  • Collaborating Unselfishly
  • Celebrating Success with Humility and an Appreciation for the Contribution of All

The Institute for ANC Director Education® — Who We Are

Our faculty members have years of ANC director training and board advisory experience. They are experts in corporate governance. We stand side-by-side with you in the boat and in the boardroom — helping you overcome your individual and collective governance challenges as an engaged partner— ready to take our turn at the bailing bucket or the tiller — hunting for opportunities together to change the way things are done, to discover untapped strengths, to work through divergent expectations, to build an unbeatable leadership team and board of directors. We give you tools to:

  • Enhance Director Skills and Effectiveness
  • Improve Communications in the Boardroom
  • Strengthen the Board & CEO Partnership

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