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Dr. Harvey A. Meier's Profile & Faculty

Dr. Harvey A. Meier is Executive Director of the Institute for ANC Director Education® and a certified management consultant (CMC). Since 1971, he has served as a strategic business advisor to CEOs, boards, owners, and senior executives of closely held corporations from startups to billion dollar companies in a wide range of industries including Alaska Native Corporations, Tribes in Alaska, and the Lower 48. He often is retained by ANCs to:

  • Provide guidance on executing board governance best practices, strengthening the Board and CEO partnership, and to facilitate improvements in board and CEO communications
  • Provide tools to enhance director skills and effectiveness
  • Present in-boardroom training programs
  • Facilitate board and CEO workshops, retreats, and strategic planning sessions
  • Facilitate building strong teams, resolution of conflict, coaching, and mentoring managers and executives
  • Design management succession plans, CEO performance, and Board self-evaluation processes and senior management incentive compensation plans
  • Facilitate organization restructures/realignments
  • Conduct top management searches

IADE® Faculty are comprised of seasoned professionals who are experts in their fields and who have years of front-line experience and deep insight, knowledge, and expertise in ANC board leadership and governance practices. These effective communicators are able to facilitate productive discussions with clarity that enable directors and CEOs to ask questions and openly express their views and perspectives. Members of the faculty represent law firms, audit firms, consulting firms, universities, highly respected native leaders, and ANC executives who are willing to share their time and knowledge as Institute faculty.

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